Open Hole

Open Hole Completions

– Zone isolation achieved without packers

– No adverse effects to borehole integrity

– Fractures not dominated by earth stresses


Open hole completions are completions with no casing or liner cemented in place across the production zone. In competent formations the zone might be left entirely bare or can utilize sand-control or flow-control equipment. With traditional methods of stimulation there are complications associated with zone isolation and controlling fracture propagation.

The GasGun has been used by operators since the early 1990’s to stimulate open hole completions without the added cost of packers and other isolation equipment. When fired, the propellant inside the GasGun burns in ~10-20 milliseconds generating gas pressure and momentum forces that fracture the formation. Our solid propellant is specifically formulated in order to load the rock in tension which enables the creation of an extensive fracture network with no adverse effects to borehole integrity or stability. The speed of this event, paired with the mass of the fluid column above the tool contains the energy to the formation without the need for additional isolation equipment.