Optimize Acid Treatment

– Improve effectiveness of spotting acid

– Breakdown formation and reduce treating pressures

– Etch channels in newly created fractures


Stimulating wells with acid has long been a successful way for operators to increase or restore production in their wells. Whether matrix acidizing or fracture acidzing the goal is to dissolve sediments and mud solids that inhibit permeability in order to create flowpaths for hydrocarbons.

The GasGun is commonly used as a very effective pre-treatment to acidizing. The radial fracture network the GasGun creates provides a homogeneous injection profile that is ideal for putting away acid. The extended fractures created by the GasGun allow operators to get acid deeper in the hydrocarbon rich formation even in wells with close water contact. After the acid job is performed, the enlarged fractures aid in proper back-flush of the spent acid and sediments removed from the reservoir.