Recomplete Producing and Injection Wells

– Bypass nearbore damage

– Remove skin caused by perforating, drilling, & cement

– Fractures created in every perforation tunnel

– Improve effectiveness of acidizing


Nearbore damage is any restriction to flow caused by near-well reductions in flow capacity. This damage can be caused by perforators, drilling mud, cement invasion, scale, etc. Nearbore damage not only limits production but inhibits you from gathering accurate data about your completed zones. Bypassing nearbore damage is vital for proper decision making and ultimately the overall productivity of your well (ROI).

Wells not performing up to expectations can often be cost-effectively enhanced with Kraken propellant-boosted perforating with or without acidizing or fracturing treatments. The incremental investment to enhance well productivity by integrating shaped charges and propellant boosters can be significant. By penetrating deeply beyond existing perforations and near wellbore skin damage, productivity index is increased. Hundreds of thousands of dollars may be gained by applying Kraken technology in recompletions by perforating and stimulating in one trip.