SWD & Injection

Maximize Injection Rate

– Fracture past perf tunnel damage

    – Create ideal flow paths for injection
    – Extend useful life of SWD wells

– Replace or enhance acid jobs

    – Less time, cost, and NPT than an acid job
    – Allows acid to penetrates deeper into formation

– Lower pumping pressures

     – Increase injection rates and volumes
     – Reduce power consumtion

– Break down all perforations for injection

     – Improve injectivity index and profile


Saltwater disposal and waterflood injection well efficiency is significantly improved with Kraken propellant boosters. The efficiency gained by penetrating deeply beyond perforation tunnel damage lowers surface pressure, increases injection rates and achieves measurably lower injection cost per barrel. Kraken results in injection wells have allowed some operators to eliminate acid jobs or to decrease workover acid job frequency.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved by applying Kraken technology on new injector well completions and recompletions.