Kraken Perforating – Optimize Plug and Perf Performance

Optimizing plug-and-perf (PnP) completion performance with Kraken® propellant boosters improves unconventional well profits. Completion engineers recognize that step changes in completion performance are unlikely with conventional shaped charge and gun designs. Integrating Kraken propellant boosters with shaped charges can help extend the technical limit of conventional perforating.

GasGun Animation

This is an animation of a well stimulation performed with the use of a GasGun propellant stimulation tool. In this example, the GasGun tool is conveyed into the well on wireline, but it can also be run on conventional tubing or coil tubing.

Enhanced Energetics Surface Test

Enhanced Energetics propellant is ignited inside perforated pipe. The first explosion is the blasting cap and detonating cord. The following rush of gas coming out of the holes is the propellant burn. The entire event takes ~2 seconds, but in a well the burn takes only ~20 milliseconds due to higher confining pressures. The rate of gas coming out of the holes continually increases until the burn is complete. This is due to the progressive burning properties of our propellant.

GasGun Downhole Video

This video is from a downhole camera used before and after a GasGun stimulation. The stimulation was conducted in a shallow Berea sandstone well located in Ashland County, Ohio. The well was an open hole completion which makes it possible to observe the multiple fractures created by the GasGun.

GasGun Stimulation in Coal Bed Methane

This is a GasGun propellant stimulation being conducted in the Big George Coal formation of the Powder River Basin. Nine 10-foot GasGun tools were shot across 100 feet of perforations in 5.5 inch casing. This entire stimulation was conducted in about 3 hours.

GasGun Presentation

This is a presentation given by Richard A. Schmidt, Ph.D., inventor of the GasGun propellant stimulation tool, to Chesapeake Energy during a lunch and learn. Dr. Schmidt discusses how the GasGun compares to other oil and gas well stimulation methods, the research behind the development of the GasGun tool, how it is fielded, and the benefits associated with using this particular technology.

GasGun Horizontal Stimulation

This is a video of the first multi-stage GasGun propellant stimulation conducted in a horizontal well. A total of 8 stages were stimulated covering 859 meters of pay. The GasGun propellant tools were conveyed into the well via drill pipe and initiated with a ball-activated differential-pressure firing head. All 8 stages were stimulated successfully with no misruns.